The United Sol Republic (also known simply as the Sol Republic, USR or just Sol) is a single system state in the Sol System. In the aftermath of the Final League-Pact War, the Sol System dissolved its ties with the Pact, blaming the super state for allowing vast swathes of the system to be destroyed in the conflict, including Earth and Luna, the original worlds of the Sol Republic's dominant species, humans. Establishing a sovereign government on Cairo, Mars, Sol claimed all Pact assets within the system as its own but soon began lurching from crisis to crisis as refugees strained the new nations already fragile economy. Riots over prices and lack of goods forced the government to declare a state of emergency in late 657. The State of Emergency was lifted four months later by the president, but a coup by the military saw in reintroduced. A counter-coup led by presidential loyalists reinstalled the president, who has been governing as the supreme power since.

The capital of Sol is Mars, with the seat of government located in New Zongguo. While the inner worlds of the Sol System have been supportive of the government, the populations in and beyond the asteroid belt have been more difficult to exert control over. Sol controls one of the few remaining FTL gate in it's sector, making it a hub for trade and migration in the post war world.


Sol's territory consists of the Sol System and all its worlds.

  • Mercury
  • Mars
  • Ceres
  • Ganymede
  • Titan
  • Titania