The planet Losshur is a typical Earth-like world in terms of mass, age, rotation, and distance from its parent star. A local day is 25 standard hours, and a local year is 350 local days.

Before they were forcibly integrated into the galactic community, the Losshur’en njalryeth reckoned the passage of time according to the Zophar’en Calendar, a sidereal calendar that divided the year into 8 months of 40 days, with those 40 days being broken up into five eight-day weeks. The remaining 30 days were broken up into three full weeks and one 6-day short week, each of which served as a transitionary period between the seasons.

Due to the Njalryeth use of base-8 mathematics, a century in the Zophar’en Calendar is the equivalent of 64 standard years and a Zophar’en millennium is the equivalent of 512 standard years. Even the 40 days which make up each month would be reckoned as 50 days according to this scheme. 


The Zophar’en Calendar is named in honour of Zophar, a semi-mythical polymath believed to have been the inventor of writing and the first astronomer. Year 0 of the calendar corresponds to the date in which she is widely believed to have been born, though a lack of fossil evidence due to the Njalryeth’s sky burial practices leaves this difficult to ascertain.

The Zophar’en Calendar is broken up into a series of time periods known as Tides. A Tide roughly corresponds either to a period of advancement following a discovery that is agreed to have changed Njalryeth society forever, in which case it is known as a Rising Tide; or to a period of decline brought on by a devastating conflict or natural disaster, in which case it is known as an Ebbing Tide. These Tides have no set duration, and can last anywhere from a few years to a few centuries. Everything before Year 0 is considered to be part of The Still Tide, or prehistory, while the period immediately after Year 0 is known as the First Rising Tide. The numerical progression of the Tides is sequential, so the First Rising Tide was followed by the First Ebbing Tide, which was followed by the Second Rising Tide, and so on.

Overall, the period between Year 0 of the Zophar’en Calendar and First Contact with the Great Interstellar League covers a span of some 25,000 Zophar’en years (or 10,752 standard years). The date of First Contact, which took place in the galactic standard year 530, is considered the start of the Tenth Rising Tide; thus, the current date of 658 is considered to be the 200th Year of the Tenth Rising Tide, or 10RT.200. Some have argued that the onset of the Final League-Pact War in 633 should be reckoned as the start of the Tenth Ebbing Tide, which would make the present date the 31st Year of the Tenth Ebbing Tide (or 10ET.31). 


The following is an abridged timeline depicting the last several thousand years of njalryeth history. Dates are given in Galactic Standard reckoning (also known as Nomad Reckoning), Zophar’en reckoning, and Converted Zophar’en reckoning (which tracks the years in a standardized base-10 format), and are limited to the most significant events within this period.

Date (GSR) Date (ZR) Date (CZR) Events
-10,094 Year 0 Year 0 Zophar is born. First Rising Tide begins.
-10,068 1RT.32 26 First evidence of writing (zopharic runes etched on stone tablets)
-10,038 1RT.70 56 Earliest intact evidence of stone tools; invention likely predates this discovery by millennia
-9,838 1RT.400 256 Wild akhlut is domesticated; hunters are able to move further inland in pursuit of prey.
-9,538 1RT.777 511 Ancient city of Zophar'she is built.

Ancient Zophar'en civilization arises.

-9,070 1RT.2000


1,024 Ancient Zophar'en devastated by plague; Zophar'she abandoned.

First Rising Tide ends. First Ebbing Tide begins.

-8,906 1ET.244 1,188 Metal is discovered underwater. Mining techniques are invented.
-8,886 1ET.270


1,208 Citystates spring up in various islands and archipelagoes; international trade begins.

First Ebbing Tide ends. Second Rising Tide begins.

-8,500 2RT.602


1,594 Citystates sacked by marauders. Many die, international trade stalls.

Second Rising Tide ends. Second Ebbing Tide begins.

-8,100 2ET.620


1,994 Nomadic tribes discover the ruins of Zophar'she and settle within them. The Neo Zophar'en civilization is established.

Second Ebbing Tide ends. Third Rising Tide begins.

-7,500 3RT.1130 2,594 Oldest known funerary necklaces date to this year.
-7,245 3RT.1527 2,849 Rhinnoc'en civilization is established.
-7,045 3RT.2037 3,049 Neo Zophar and Rhinnoc come into conflict. First Rhinnic War begins.
-7,040 3RT.2044 3,054 First Rhinnic War ends in stalemate. Combatants agree to suspend hostilities and lick their wounds.
-7,020 3RT.2070 3,074 Bronze is discovered.
-7,005 3RT.2107 3,089 Second Rhinnic War begins.
-7,000 3RT.2114


3,094 Second Rhinnic War ends; Rhinnoc'en civilization is destroyed, and Neo Zophar is severely weakened by the conflict.

Third Rising Tide ends. Third Ebbing Tide begins.

-6,900 3ET.144 3,194 Neo Zophar's colonies break away to form independent nation states.
-6,750 3ET.372


3,344 Invention of the roller, a simple wooden vehicle that allows a njalryeth to move around more easily on land.

Inland colonization expands dramatically.

Third Ebbing Tide ends. Fourth Rising Tide begins.

-6,500 4RT.372 3,594 Miners discover quartz. Artisans are fascinated by its properties.
-6,000 4RT.1356 4,094 The First Composer is born.
-5,981 4RT.1404 4,113 Water-resistant vellum is created.
-5,969 4RT.1415 4,125 The First Composer has an epiphany about the nature of reality and begins sharing her findings with others. Scribes and hangers-on begin to record her teachings.
-5,960 4RT.1426 4,134 The First Composer travels the seas, preaching her message of peace and tolerance to all who will hear. Her followers build the First Fane, a temple where all can come to hear her message.
-5,957 4RT.1431


4,137 A super volcano erupts, devastating all terrestrial citystates. The First Fane collapses on top of the First Composer during a sermon, killing her.

Many records are lost.

Many njalryeth retreat to the sea and take up a nomadic lifestyle.

The Fourth Rising Tide ends. The Fourth Ebbing Tide begins. The nuclear winter brought on by the eruption is known as the Rain of Ash.

-5,400 4ET.1055 4,694 The Rain of Ash finally lifts. Terrestrial plants and animals begin to recover.
-5,000 4ET.1675 5,094 The first tentative njalryeth return to the land. Finding the soil greatly enriched by volcanic ash and minerals, they are able to implement agriculture.
-3,990 4ET.3657 6,104 A farmer discovers a cache of the First Composer's religious texts.
-3,970 4ET.3703 6,124 Paper is invented by processing fibres from plants and seaweed. Literacy improves.
-3,960 4ET.3715 6,134 The first copy of the religious texts is created.
-3,900 4ET.4011


6,194 Enough copies of the texts have been made to form a body of religious literature. Priestesses gather to debate the body's merits, forming the first incarnation of the Choral Concordance.

Fourth Ebbing Tide ends. Fifth Rising Tide begins.

-3,000 5RT.1604 7,094 Multiple nations have sprung up. The Choral Concordance builds the Holy City of Concordia'she. An era of peace reigns.
-2,000 5RT.3554 8,094 An irreligious tyrant named Valthar the Faithless raises an army to try and stamp out the Choir. Towns and villages are raided. Anyone who refuses to recant their belief in the Choir and its Great Mother is executed.
-1,996 5RT.3560 8,098 The armies of the Faithless besiege Concordia'she. The Composer sends messengers to ask the neighbouring nations for help, offering to bless their leaders in the Great Mother's name.
-1,994 5RT.3562 8,100 The siege of Concordia'she is broken. The armies of the Faithless are smashed by those nations siding with the Choir. Valthar is captured.
-1,993 5RT.3463 8,101 After much debate, Valthar the Faithless is declared a heretic. She is sentenced to death by terrestrial beasts, and is eaten alive by a captured ollskap.

Choir doctrine establishes tenets which state that pure souls eaten by the beasts of the sea will return to the Great Mother, while evil souls must be eaten by beasts of the land, purifying them of their sins.

-1,990 5RT.3567 8,104 The nations who came to the Choir's aid each demand to be recognized as sole recipient of the Great Mother's blessing. Unrest spreads as the Choir refuses to show favoritism by picking out any one nation as the sole recipient.
-1,980 5RT.3600 8,114 The Composer declares that she cannot and will not declare a single recipient as it would contravene the Choir's teachings. Nobody is happy with this, but nothing comes of it.
-1900 5RT.3732 8,204 Iron is discovered.
-1850 5RT.4014 8,254 Steel is created.
-1800 5RT.4076


8,304 Global njalryeth population is devastated by an outbreak of plague.

Fifth Rising Tide ends. Fifth Ebbing Tide begins.

-800 5ET.1750 9,304 Population has recovered to pre-plague levels.
-750 5ET.2032 9,354 New sanitation techniques are invented, limiting the spread of disease.
-735 5ET.2051 9,369 Invention of the printing press. Literacy rates skyrocket.
-535 5ET.2361


9,569 Industrialization is invented. Mass production becomes possible.

Many technologies are quickly discovered.

Fifth Ebbing Tide ends. Sixth Rising Tide begins.

-450 6RT.113 9,644 Many nations experience social revolutions, brought on by improved living conditions created by the increasing industrialization.

The arts and literature flourish.

-400 6RT.175 9,694 Electricity is discovered.

Miners discover corrosion-resistant minerals within the soil. Underwater construction and manufacturing now becomes possible.

-375 6RT.226 9,719 The telegram is invented.
-360 6RT.245 9,734 Germ theory is discovered.
-350 6RT.257 9,744 Vaccines are created for many common diseases. Success is initially limited.
-300 6RT.341 9,794 Fossil fuels are discovered. Oil mining begins.
-275 6RT.372 9,819 Pollution levels are on the rise due to rampant industrialization.
-250 6RT.423 9,844 Trains are invented.

The automotive roller enters limited production.

Cargo ships are invented.

-225 6RT.454 9,869 Several nations go to war over the possession of choice oil fields. The War for Earth's Blood begins.
-219 6RT.462


9,875 The War for Earth's Blood ends when a cargo ship spills tonnes of crude into the sea.

Realizing that they’re damaging the environment, the njalryeth slow down industrialization so they can figure out what to do about it. 

Sixth Rising Tide ends. Sixth Ebbing Tide begins.

-172 6ET.47 9,922 Large deposits of quartz are discovered.
-146 6ET.111 9,948 The telephone is invented.
-111 6ET.154 9,983 Radio waves are discovered.
-90 6ET.201 10,004 The speargun is invented.
-60 6ET.237 10,034 Global tensions rise on various issues.
-54 6ET.245 10,040 Choir diplomats mediate between nations to prevent outbreaks of war.
-38 6ET.265 10,056 Atomic particles are discovered.
-20 6ET.307 10,074 Powered flight is invented.
-10 6ET.321 10,084 Subatomic particles are discovered.
5 6ET.340 10,099 The atomic bomb is invented.
7 6ET.342 10,101 An international council is assembled to discuss the issue of the atomic bomb. After months of deliberation, it is agreed that the bomb will never be used except in a case of last resort.
27 6ET.366 10,121 Global tensions begin rising again. A council of nations is assembled to oversee disputes and prevent the outbreak of war.
54 6ET.421 10,148 Scientific research on the properties of sound begins.
80 6ET.453


10,174 The first computer is invented.

The Sixth Ebbing Tide ends. The Seventh Rising Tide begins.

100 7RT.24 10,194 Distant flashes of light become visible in the night sky. Astronomers ponder what they signify, and begin wondering if the njalryeth are alone in the universe.
116 7RT.44 10,210 Facilities are set up to scan to cosmos for possible extraterrestrial radio waves.
132 7RT.64 10,226 The first satellite is launched into orbit.
160 7RT.120 10,254 Multiple satellites are now in orbit, and the njalryeth begin gathering comprehensive data on the other planets in their solar system.
200 7RT.170 10,294 A global communications network is established. Losshur enters the Information Age.
211 7RT.203 10,305 Sonics research has produced a way to remove oil molecules from water and destroy them via concentrated soundwaves. The njalryeth begin cleaning up their environment.
240 7RT.240 10,334 Breakthroughs in micro-circuitry and crystal-shaping suggest that piezoelectric minerals like quartz could be used as a power source if exposed to the right frequencies and vibrations.
270 7RT.276 10,364 The first prototype piezoelectric reactor is created, though it is cumbersome and lacks efficiency.
300 7RT.334 10,394 Much of Losshur's environment has been cleansed of pre-existing pollution, but new pollutants remain an issue.
330 7RT.372 10,424 The first njalryeth is launched into space.
350 7RT.416 10,444 The first njalryeth lands on Hronrad, Losshur's moon.
370 7RT.442 10,464 The first unmanned probes make it to Losshur's closest interplanetary neighbours.
400 7RT.500 10,494 Refinements in piezoelectric engineering make the reactors smaller and more efficient. They begin seeing more widespread use.
412 7RT.514 10,506 [SETI] has detected anomalous lights within several lightyears of Losshur. these lights are too frequent and regular to be pulsars or gamma-ray bursts. Scientists begin to wonder if these lights have an artificial origin, and if so who made them.
427 7RT.523 10,513 The first manned mission to [X] is a success.
433 7RT.531 10,519 After centuries of listening, [SETI] detects an anomalous signal.
435 7RT.533 10,521 After years of careful examination, the signal is determined to be an extraterrestrial transmission, but its purpose and contents are unknown.
436 7RT.534 10,522 Astrophysicists send out a signal of their own. The contents are a simple mathematical equation, a tentative "Hello?" to the unknown extraterrestrials.
437 7RT.535 10,523 A response comes, but the solution to the equation is incorrect. Puzzled, scientists consider the possibility that the extraterrestrials may be using a different counting system than base-8.
438 7RT.536 10,524 Astrophysicists send out another equation. This time they include a simple mathematical key containing ideograms and numbers, to ensure that the extraterrestrials understand base-8 math is being used.
439 7RT.537 10,525 A response comes, this time with the correct answer. Attached to the transmission is a similar key, revealing that the aliens employ base-6 mathematics.
450 7RT.551 10,536 After years of back-and-forth, Losshur has established a slow, simple, but effective line of communcation with the extraterrestrial species, which call themselves kellsarans.

[SETI] publically announces that they've made contact with an alien species. Public interest rises dramatically, but dros once they realize that they are unlikely to ever see these aliens face-to-face.

475 7RT.613


10,569 The njalryeth have reached a technological plateau. They cannot advance any further than they already have with the resources available to them. They have concepts in mind to revolutionize their existing technology and infrastructure, such as geothermal power and helium-3 mining for improved space travel, but lack the means and resources to implement them.

Seventh Rising Tide ends. Seventh Ebbing Tide begins.

485 7ET.12 10,579 Research into faster-than-light communication begins.
495 7ET.24 10,589 FTL communication research leads to the sudden detection of hundreds if not thousands of FTL signals bouncing back and forth across the galaxy. Scientists are surprised and alarmed at the sheer volume of signals being sent out, and the implications therein.
500 7ET.31 10,594 Desiring privacy, the njalryeth pursue quantum entanglement technology. They develop resonation crystals that can transmit information almost instantaneously, but only function in pairs.
505 7ET.36 10,599 The first successful test of the resonation crystals. An astronaut on [X] is able to communicate clearly with Losshur, 225,000,000km away, with no perceptible lag.
510 7ET.43 10,604 After further tests, a rocket containing one half of a paired set of resonation crystals is launched toward the kellsaran homeworld. The hope is to establish communications with their neighbours while also not announcing their existence to the rest of the galaxy until the njalryeth are ready to do so.
515 7ET.50 10,609 The rocket arrives. FTL communications are established. Sharing of and collaboration on advanced technological concepts begins.
530 7ET.67


10,624 First Contact with the Great Interstellar League.

Losshur is inducted into the League.

Seventh Ebbing Tide ends. Tenth Rising Tide begins.

532 10RT.2 10,626 Planetary government is restructured. All nations now answer to a puppet monarchy backed by the League. Ascension of the Hok'ma Dreth dynasty.
550 10RT.24 10,644 Nan'she is colonized.
612 10RT.122 10,706 Rán is colonized.
633 10RT.147


10,727 Final League-Pact War begins.
652 10RT.172


10,746 Battle of Varuna. Hundreds of njalryeth soldiers die in a failed attempt to destroy a Pact communications hub.

Njalryeth begin conspiring to break away from the League.

655 10RT.175


10,749 The worlds of Losshur, Nan'she, and Rán secede from the Great Interstellar League. The Losshur Federation is founded.
656 10RT.176


10,750 Final League-Pact War ends.
658 10RT.200


10,752 Present day.