Sosef Pesadalgo is a male quehog from the Republic of Goashun and a delegate of the Galactic Congress. He was born on the moon Deiga and moved to the Pact capital Nala Proteron as a child when his parents obtained jobs working for the Pact Treasury. After reaching maturity Pesadalgo was employed as an aid to a member of the Pact Parliament, then as the private secretary to the ambassador to the Amalah Empire. He married another aid, Nanwu Quintanilla, while serving under the ambassador. Initially a strong supporter of the Pact, Pesedalgo grew increasingly unhappy with the manner in which the Founders brushed aside the concerns of the other member states.

Pesadalgo had been visiting his brother on Diega and had just begun the journey back to his post when the Final War began. He missed the attack on his world by just four days.

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