Rán is a member world of the Losshur Federation. It was the second and last planet to be colonized by the njalryeth following after joining the Great Interstellar League. It was colonized in the year 612.

Unlike Losshur and Nan'she, Rán is a true ocean planet with no land above sea level. The planet's sea is hundreds of kilometers deep, and at such depths the pressure is so great that the water compresses into a mantle of solid ice. The sheer density of the water interferes with orbital and surface-level scanning, leaving the deepest reaches of the ocean almost unfathomable.

To survive in such an environment, the njalryeth have built a network of floating cities and platforms linked together by enclosed, flexible maglev tunnels.These cities incorporate enormous turbine shafts which extend deep into the water, acting as both a counterbalance against the violent tidal waves and a source of hydrodynamic power. All in all, these settlements are designed to ride out the worst of the planet's storms.

The planet's primary industry is aquaculture, as the upper strata of the world ocean are saturated with krill and plankton. The Federation gathers this bounty in fleets of trawler ships for transport offworld. This is dangerous work, for the natural predators of the krill are so vast that they can swallow hundreds of tons of krill with a single gulp, often damaging ships and killing workers when they rise suddenly out of the depths.

Rán is home to a wide variety of aquatic life, ranging from microscopic plankton to cnidarians whose tentacles are measured in kilometers. Many of the planet's fauna have evolved bioluminescence, camouflage, infrared vision, mimicry, and other methods of seeing and not being seen.

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