Nan'she is a member world of the Losshur Federation. It was the first planet the njalryeth colonized after joining the Great Interstellar League. It was colonized in the year 550.

A terrestrial world, 79% of Nan'she's surface is covered with water. It is orbited by two small moons, Petra and Setra. The planet has large polar ice caps and three continents separated by a vast ocean: temperate Vol'gaus, tropical Ray'ha, and arid Crucis. The planet's great mass gives it a higher gravity than Losshur, and its njalryeth inhabitants are shorter and stockier on average than those born on the homeworld.

Due to the planet's heightened gravity and varied environments, Nan'she is an ideal training ground for the Losshur Federation's Armed Forces. The Crucis Military Academy is the most prestigious institution of its kind in the Federation, with branch academies on Losshur and Ran as well. Most of the njalryeth soldiers who took part in the Final League-Pact War were drawn from Nan'she, and the massive casualties incurred along with resentment towards the Nomads for mismanagement during the war were key factors in leading the planet to ally with Losshur and break away from the League.

In addition to its military importance, Nan'she is the economic center of the Losshur Federation. Its terrestrial nature and large areas of dry land make it more accomodating for non-aquatic species than the Federation's other worlds, and cities have been built further inland than on Losshur to allow for tourism and trade.

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