Losshur is the home planet of the njalryeth species, and capital of the Losshur Federation. It is orbited by a single moon, Hron'rad. Its rotation and orbital period are such that a single day lasts 25 hours, and a year is 350 local days.

90% of the planet's surface is covered with water. The only landmasses which rise above sea level are the continent Alithios and various islands, atolls, and archipelagoes. Losshur's crust is rich with piezoelectric minerals and corrosion-resistant elements, such as quartz and iridium respectively. The atmosphere is composed primarily of nitrogen and oxygen.

Because of the njalryeth's amphibious nature, urban development has been confined mainly to the coastal areas, leaving the inland regions of Alithios comparatively undeveloped. Because of this, the planet's terrestrial flora and fauna continue to thrive relatively untouched by civilization. Because of the ferocity of some of these creatures, and because the njalryeth have difficulty moving on dry land, the Losshur Federation's worst punishment is to maroon criminals far inland, hundreds of miles from civilization, where they are at the mercy of ferocious terrestrial predators.

Notable Fauna

  • Akhlut: amphibious quadrupedal pack hunters. They possess sleek oily fur, sharp teeth and claws, and several fins running down the length of the spine and tail. They are skilled predators both on land and in the sea, and will chase after prey that goes ashore. They have been domesticated by the njalryeth for centuries, filling a niche comparable to that of the Terran dog.
  • Ollskap: a large and aggressive mammal with the body structure of a cervid and a carnivorous diet. It has razor-sharp hooves, several rows of teeth, a pair of large tusks jutting from the lower jaw, and large antlers with a hinge mechanism which allows them to swing down and trap prey between the antlers and tusks. An ollskap’s neck muscles are extraordinarily strong, allowing it to lift animals of comparable size and weight to njalryeth without strain; it holds its victims in the air, using its sharp teeth and barbed tongue to rip into their sides and eating them alive.