Kan'dria is the home planet of the is'kan-dar species and capital of the Kan'drian Enclave.

Formerly a typical terrestrial planet, Kan'dria has been reclassified as a death world due to the Catastrophe, a meteorite impact in the year 286 that irradiated the surface, poisoned the oceans and released billions of tonnes of pollutants into the atmosphere. 90% of the planet's native species died out as a result, and those that survived were forced to take extreme measures to adapt to their hostile new environment.

Kan'dria is sparsely populated. Settlements are built within hermetically-sealed domes where food is cultivated hydroponically or through cloning vats. Immense collection facilities have been built across the planet, where specially-designed cybernetic lifeforms periodically return to offload hazardous waste.

Kan'dria's orbit is filled with an archipelago of cylindrical space habitats known as the Exclaves. Each houses a population of one thousand is'kan-dar. Further out from the Exclaves are disposal stations, where large mass drivers are used to launch the collected surface waste into the sun.

Notable Fauna

  • Mudraker: a quadrupedal cybrid reminiscent of an elephant-sized water strider.  These creatures inhabit lakes, rivers, and coastal areas, where they purify water by sucking up gallons of water and sediment with a segmented proboscis. The contaminated sediment is absorbed into an appendix-like bladder while the now-purified water passes through its digestive system. Once the bladder is full, the creature returns to its home territory so that the contents can be removed and then transported off-world.
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