Humans, or humanity, are a mammalian space-faring species native to the planet Earth.


Humans are a smooth-skinned, plantigrade bipedal species with hair covering their bodies, thicker on their heads. Their skin tone ranges anywhere from pale pink to beige to olive to brown to black, though most humans have a skin-tone in the middle of that range. Human hair is diverse, and is often styled long or short, curly or straight, and comes in colors ranging from black, to brown, to red, and to blonde. Their ears are small and, much like the nose, are surrounded by cartilage.


Humans have a carbon-based biology with a calcium skeleton. 60% of the human body is made up of water, and they breathe oxygen through specialized breathing organs called lungs. Their bodies are designed to inhabit a nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere. Blood inside the human body is pumped through it by the heart. They typically have a warm body temperature of 37 degrees Celsius (98 degrees Fahrenheit).


Humans are omnivores, and indeed humans are known to eat (or at least attempt eating) a wide variety of different foods, including that which is known to be poisonous to their species or other species.

Genders and Reproduction

Humans come in two genders: male and female. Male humans are generally larger than females and have a more coarse covering of hair over their bodies, and grow facial hair. Females have more prominent chests and hips.

After courtship, the female carries the child for nine months, after which 1-2 offspring are born (though oddities of 3 or more children have been reported). Humans age somewhat slowly, and are considered adults around 16 or 18 years of age.