The League, officially the Great Interstellar League, is an interstellar state founded in Year 67 by the Nomads. It was formally the largest interstellar super state in the Known Galaxy, with approximately 43% of all civilized beings being under its rule.

Begun as an cooperative organization by the Nomads with the support of the He-Tai, and Hiewan species, the League soon began subjugating its nearest neighbors until its expansion was blocked by the formation of the Pact and run ins with the Dal-Niente. After regrouping the League shifted its focus to other areas of space, bringing in more species under its rule. Several conflicts with rival powers established firm borders between the League and these other states, chiefly with its main rival, the Pact. The vastness of the League allowed it to exercise cultural influence even over outside powers, contributing many ideas to the Known Galaxy, such as the common calendar and Galaxy Wiki.

The League developed a centralized governing structure, with the Nomads directing the sub-states through appointed leaders. A planned economy was met with occasional resistance from local civilizations, resulting in several rebellions within the League, all of which were put down. The League dedicated a large portions of its resources to preparing for war with the Pact, resulting in many unpopular practices that alienated much of the citizenry. A period of stagnation encouraged the League to begin expanding again by taking on the Pact in the Final League-Pact War.

In the 20 year conflict, the League initially made headway before being checked in 639. In the stalemate that followed, many League worlds were devastated and people left destitute and homeless. The rebellion of several species left a hole in the League's defenses, which contributed to a series of lost battles in the late 40's. After the Battle of Shu, the League agreed to peace terms dictated by the Pact, ending the war.

The war had fatally weakened the Nomads ability to project power over the League's substates, prompting nearly all to break away and declare independence from the League. As of 658, the League only retains 20% of its former territory, and 13% of its pre-war population.

Former Territories