The Galactic Congress is an ongoing conference, begun in 658, of delegates from 41 of the newly independent states established in the aftermath of the Final Pact-League War. Its purpose is to discuss and propose measures to provide for the long-term peace and stability of the post-war galaxy.

Proposed by the Xon Meda Society and the Nation of Ceneceros in early 657, the Galactic Congress is hosted in Ceneceros, in the city of Dama Latvama. Though nearly 100 nations were invited to attend, only 41 ultimately sent delegates. Invitations were not sent to the Pact, League or other great powers. The Congress uses the Dama Latvama Convention Center to conduct its business and the affiliated hotels host the delegates and their staffs. Approximately 132 delegates meet for five standard days a week to propose, debate, and discuss international legislation.

The congress consists of a single body, chaired by a delegate of the host nation. The current president is Quitzel Cotal of Ceneceros. There is no limit to the number of delegates each nation can send, though only one vote per state is allowed in the congress. According to the agreed upon Rules of the Galactic Congress proposals are referred to specialized committees, whereupon rough drafts are written up before being sent to the Congress as a whole for debate. Following the debate, proposals are either voted either up, in which case the agreed upon legislation goes to the member states' governments for ratification, down, in which case no action is taken, or tabled, set aside to be debated at a later date.

Internal proposals, which deal directly with matters concerning the Galactic Congress itself, merely need a majority vote. To date, the only proposals Congress has passed have been an internal proposals; One vote to keep the convention center's windows open to let out the smell of hot sauce from a previous convention held at the center. This passed by a slim majority as many delegates opposed opening the windows due to annoying insects coming in. A second proposal was passed the next day, allowing the congress to purchase anti-pest laser shields.

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