The dotur is a sentient species native to the planet Myryll. Doturi are covered in fur and are notable for their long, upright ears. On average they stand at 1.2 meters when upright. Nominally bipedal, they drop to all fours to travel short distances in extreme bursts of speed.

Dotur fur colors come in shades and mixes of brown, white, and black depending on ethnic origin. Body fur usually grows to approximately 3 cm before being shed yearly. Facial fur can grow to much greater lengths though in practice is often kept trimmed. The most dominant eye color is blue, followed by red, brown, and black.

Doturi originated on Myryll and had populated most of the dry areas of the planet before moving on to space. Doturi breath oxygen and can hold their breath for up to 40 seconds.

Doturi paws, consist of a thumb and three fingers, all rather large and fat. Their palms are very similar to their feet. This paw structure is very well adapted for running.

The Dotur hormonal system produces an enormous burst of a chemical similar to adrenaline when under heightened emotional stress. This burst allows for physical activity of a much higher degree for short bursts of time.