The aht are a bipedal humanoid species from the world of Prismriver. Averaging about 5 feet in height, they are covered in hair except for their faces and the palms of their two feet and two hands. Ahts have large ears and a stout muzzle where their nose and eyes are placed.

Depending on ethnic make-up, aht will stand with varying degrees of hunching, usually keeping their long arms close to the ground. Hair colors can come in varying shades of black, brown, and red, turning grey, then white as they age. Eye color among all ethnicities is generally brown with 12% of the population having grey eyes.

Both hands and feet are capable of grasping objects. Ahts are noted for being excellent climbers but poor swimmers. Though they can walk and run straight, ahts default to a shuffling movement when going along and they have difficulty coming to a complete stop when moving faster their that normal gait.

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